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Sep. 09, 1955 - The Fairey Ultra Light Helicopter: The Fairey Ultra Light Helicopter has completed successfully its initial test flights at White Waltham Acredreme, near Maidenhead, Berks, after several months of Highly successful ground running. Pilot on the first flight, which took place on Aug. 14, was Squadron Leader W.R. Gellatly, A.F.C. the Company's Senior Helicopter Test Pilot. Designed primarily for Army observation and ''runabout'' duties, is powered by a Blackburn-Turbomeca Palouste turbo-generator, which supplies compressed air to the Fairey pressure jet unite at teh hips of the two bladed main actor. The Fairey Ultra Light Helicopter offers new standards of lightness, simplicity and economy, bringing tactical reconnaissance within reach of the commanders of small formations in the field. The pilot sits on the starboard side, facing forward, while the observer sits by his side, field of vision, as the cockpit canopy offers no visual obstruction. This aircraft can be transported on an Army 3-ton truckand, with porter bars inserted in the undercarriage cross-tube, can be move manually. Maintenace requirements and fuel consumption are low. Photo shows the Fairey Ultra Light Helicopter in flight. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/