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Aug. 16, 1982 - Everything has been tried to lose weight: sports, diets, carbohydrates. A new method was tried in Nice in a hotel. Mrs. Adrienne Checchini, 37 years-old, wants to lose weight and will use hypnosis in order to do so. Jacquy Nuguet, a former architect who has started hypnotism, will put his patient to sleep for 300 hours or 11 days. In a duplex with a sonorous chamber, music, assisted by a medical team, Mrs. Cechinni will be be fed by tubes with water, fruit, and soup. All of that to lose 10 kilograms! Pictured is the hypnotized Mrs. Cecchini with Jacquy Nuguet standing behind her. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/ZUMAPRESS.com)