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Nov. 11, 1968 - Miss World Contestants in Swimsuits: Many of the Miss World contestants were this afternoon photographed wearing their swimsuits, at the Waldorf Hotel, London. The contest takes place next Thursday (Nov 14), at the Lyceum in London. Photo shows (L to R - Front Row): Miss Argentine; Miss Australia; Miss Austria; Miss Austria; Miss Bahamas; Miss Belgium; Miss Canada (Dominion of); Miss Chile; Miss Colombia; Miss Costa Rica; miss Cyprus; Miss Denmark; Miss Ecuador; Miss Finland, Miss France and Miss Germany; (L to R - Middle Row): Miss Ghana; Miss Gibraltar; Miss Greece; Miss Guyana; Miss Holland Miss India; Miss Ireland 'Republic of): Miss Israel; Miss Jamaica; Miss Japan; Miss Kenya; Miss Liberia Miss Malta; Miss Mexico, Miss Morocco; Miss New Zealand; Miss Nicaragua; (L to R - Back Row): Miss Nigeria; Miss Norway; Miss Peru; Miss Philippines; Miss South Africa; Miss Spain, Miss Sweden, Miss Switzerland; Miss Thailand, Miss Tunisia, Miss Turkey; Miss Uganda; Miss United Kingdom; Miss U.S.A. Miss Venezuela and Miss Yugoslavia. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/