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Nov. 11, 1968 - Lulu Joins Mickey mouse in Welcoming Gus and Jaq at Heathrow. Joining Mickey Mouse to greet Gus and Jaq, the two Diszeyland mice characters arriving at Heathrow Airport today, was singing star Lulu, who was taking a couple of hours off from recording in the BBC TV ''Val Deonican Shows'' to be with all her Disneyland friends as Gus and Jaq's ''Cinderella''. She also joined her nice friends in the Cheese Party Reunion in the Maharajah Lounge soon after the arrival of Gus and Jaq. Lulu was one of the international stars to appear for five night in the summer of ''Tomorrow-land Stage at Disneyland and also produces Disney dresses - as a result she was quick to accept Mickey's invitation to join him in meeting his two colleagues from California. Gus and Jaq are to make an extensive U.k. tour. Photo Shows Pop singer Lulu seen with the two Disneyland Mice Characters Gus and Jaq whome she presented with a large piece of cheese on Gus and Jaq's arrival at Heathrow today. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/