Glass plate mono negative

Three men arrested for murder of Paris Stavisky judge . Three men have been arrested and accused of the murder of M Prince , the Stavisky judge . All the men are bookmakers . They are Gaetan d ' Herbon de Lussats , aged 45 , a native of Monaco , Paul Venture , aged 45 , a Corsican and Francois Spirito , aged 32 . De Lussats and Venture were detained in Paris and Spirito at Marseilles . De Lussats is said by the police to have a record extending back to 1908 in which year he was sentenced in London to 18 months imprisonment for theft of jewellery . The Surete General officials believe he was the authour of the mysterious telephone message which lured M Prince to Dijon . Spirito is said to have assisted Remagnino Stavisky ' s secretary . Photo shows ; Paul Venture 30 March 1934 30s, 30's, 1930s, 1930's, thirties, nineteen thirties