Famous People's Families

Jan. 12, 1963 - 12-1-63 Sir WinstonÃø€â„øs first great-grandchild christened Ãø€âäœ Christened today in St. PaulÃø€â„øs Cathedral was the great-grandchild of Sir Winston Churchill. The child, christened Mark is the son of Mrs. Edwina Dixon and Mr. Piers Dixon, the son of the British Ambassador to Paris Sir Pierson Dixon. Mrs. Dixon was the former Miss Edwina Sandys, 22-year-old daughter of Mr. Duncan Sandys, the present Secretary of State for the Colonies and of Commonwealth Relations. Photo Shows: Mr. and Mrs. Piers Dixon with their child christened Mark at St. PaulÃø€â„øs today. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/ZUMAPRESS.com)