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Oct. 21, 1950 - 21-10-50 World scramble to by gold Ãø€âäœ The price of gold shot up to a phenomenal figure yesterday following rumours that the United States intended to devalue the dollar. The price rose at one time yesterday to £14.5.9d. an ounce, the highest rise ever known. The Bank of England the chief supplier of gold in Britain sells only at the official price-fixing held at 10-30 am each day at Rothschilds, in London. Keystone Photo Shows: L-R: Mr. J. Melhuish (Sharp, Pixley and Co) and Mr. F.E. Wadsworth (Samuel Montagu and Co)on way to the Ãø€œFixingÃø€ of the Gold Price at Rothschilds today. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/