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Nov. 11, 1968 - Nixon Special Assistant In London.:President- Elect Richard Nixon yesterday named another Special assistant so completing the top-level White House Staff that will work with him after he is ina~gerated in January. The latest appointee is Mr. Robert Ellsworth, a former Republican Congresman from the State of Kansas who, in his own words, will have a ''very general assignment''. Mr. Ellsworth, who is undertaking his responsibilities immediately, arrived in London today to meet members of the London Institute for Strategic Studies. He will explore the institute methods of operation and compare with those of the Rand Corporation; the Brockings Institution and similar ''thi~k tank'' style organisation in America. By such ~~~parisons it is hoped at the heart of the U.S officials to ~~~ ideas at the heart of the U.S. Government in the White House. Photo shows Mr. Robert Ellsworth, 42, pictured today at the London Institution in for Strategic Studies. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/