United Kingdom / Ireland

Nov. 11, 1968 - Student Get Instruction At The Tower: Fifteen London Universioty students, resplendent in ceremonies uniform of Yeomen Warders of the Tower, were instructed in drill and the use of pike, at the Tower of L;ondon yesterday. It was all arranged to perfct the performance of the University;s preduction of ''The Yeomen of the Guard'', opening at Queen Mary College tomorrow. Photo Shows In Tudor tuimes, the short jhaitcut was not essentoial to military style. Chief Yeomen FGaolwer Major Cyrill ''Buck'' Taylor took a lenient view of ther shoulder-length locks of Cris Garniak at the Toiwer of London yesterday. When 15 Londion University students were instructed in drill and the use of the pike. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/ZUMAPRESS.com)