1950-1959 Actor / Actress

Sep. 09, 1955 - Marilyn Joins The Pre-Formed Watergate Theatre Club: Marilyn Monroe paid five shillings last night to join a London Theater Club. She was the first member of the re-formed Watergate Theatre Cub, which had to close its theatre in the Stand in February because of a road-widening scheme,. Now the club is to put on its plays at the comedy Theatre of the Haymarket.Last night Marilyn sat on the stage of the Comedy and listened to her husband. Arthur Miller, talk to a small private audience about his play ''A view from the Bridge''. This ply, which has been banned by the Lord Chamberlain from public showing in Britain, will be the new clubs first production next month The play was because homes~~~~ality is part of the theme. Photo shows Marilyn discuses a point in the programme with husband Arthur Miler at the Comedy Theatre last night. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/ZUMAPRESS.com)