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Nov. 11, 1968 - Commission on the third London Airport. First public hearing of Oral evidence.; The first of the public hearings of oral evidence by the Commission on the Third London Airport took place this morning at the Royal Commonwealth Society Hall. The hearing of oral evidence is part of the first to five stages of Inquiry. The five stages are; Stage 1 - to consider in a broadway the whole range of alternative sites, to eliminated those which are clearly unsuitable and to identify the small number which require more detailed consideration. Stage 2 - to her evidence Stage 3 - investigation and research into mattes relevant to the choice to be made between the short-listed sites. Stage 4 - consideration by the Commission of material produced in Stage 3. Stage 4 - testing of material produced in earlier stages, during which interested parties can be represented. The terms of reference of the Commission are: 'To inquire into the timing of the need for a 4 runway airport to cater for the growth of traffic at existing airports serving the London area, to consider the various alternative sites, and to recommend which sits should be selected. Photo shows the Hon. Mr. Justice Hoskill (left) , the Chairman of the Commission, seen speaking this morning. Listening to him is another members of the Commission, Professor Colin Buchanan, Professor of Transport, Imperial College of Science and Technology. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/