1960-1969 Actor / Actress

Nov. 20, 1968 - New Cast For ''The Mousetrap''. Start Of 17th. Year Of Run. Two and a half million people have already seen Agatha Christie's record-breaking play ''The Mousetrap'', which is presented by Peter Saunders at the Ambassadors Theater. On Monday, November 25th, the play starts the 17th. year of its incredible run. On that day also there will be charges in the cast. David Raven, the only actor in London with a run-of-the-play contract, has at last decided to relinquish the part of major Metcalf which he first played on July 22nd, 1957. His part is being taken over by Hugh Moxey. The new leading man, as Det. Sgt. Tretter, will be Ian Cullen. The new leading lady in the part of the Mollie Ralston, the seventeenth at the start of the 17th. year, will be Anne Godley, who takes over from Carol Haddon. Keystone Photo Shows:- David Raven, who is giving up the part of major Metcalf after 11 years - pictured today at ''The Mousetrap'' celebration luncheon for the start of the 17th. years of the run. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/ZUMAPRESS.com)