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Nov. 11, 1968 - 15 ON BOMB PLT CHARGES IN ATHENS, Alexandros Panagoulis, accused of being the leader of a plot to assassinate Mx. Papadopouloe, the Greek Prime Minister, told a court martial, whioh opened in Athens on Nov 4, that he had been tortured eon the lines of the Spanish Inquisition'' during 82 days detention. on trial with Panagoulie, were 14 youth. said to have helped him in the abortive bomb attempt on Aug. 13. According to the indictment Panagoulis is accused of a ''premeditated attempt to murder the Prime Minister''; to have had in his posseseion in defiance of the order of the military authorities, firearm. and explosives; and to have deserted the Greek armed forces since May 1967. The other 14 defendants are charged as ''accessariee to homicide.'' Panagoulis was arrested by a police esoort immediately after a bomb exploded on the coastal road to Athens on August 13, The Prime Minister's car had passed the spot moments earlieMy PHOTO SHOWS:- Pictured behind the baluster are the 15 accused. In the first row, seated between two officers, is Alexaadroe Panegouli, (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/