=== UK OUT === CAPTION ADDITION LDN02-19990621-LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Kate Harrison (19) from New Zealand sends an electronic postcard to a friend during the opening day of easyEverything, the world's largest cyber cafe, which opened in London on Monday, 21 June 1999. easyEverthing, the brainchild of its easyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, has a totl of 400 computer terminals available for users who can visit the Internet Cafe 24 hours a day. A queue of more than 100 people was waiting for the opening of easyEverything on Monday morning and they logged on almost immediately when the gates opened to take advantage of the opening special offer: surf as much as you like for 1 pound. EPA PHOTO PA/MATTHEW FEARN/mf/kr