NEW YORK 2009-03-19 2008 - Massachusetts - The Terrafugia Team. Clockwise from top-left: Gregor Cadman, Engineer; Andrew Sand, Engineering Technician; Stu Foster, Intern; Marc Stiller, Engineer; Andrew Heafitz, VP Business Development; Ben Zelnick, Engineer; Giora Guth, Chase Plane Pilot; Richard Gersh, VP Business Development; John Telfeyan, Senior Engineering Technician; Col. (ret) Phil Meteer, Test Pilot; Samuel Schweighart, VP Engineering; Anna Dietrich, COO; Carl Dietrich, CEO/CTO. The vehicle takes 30 seconds to fold its wings up and is expected to be on sale for roughly $194,000.00 in 2011. Foto: Sipa / SCANPIX / kod 20667 ref: SIPA USA/30046599/000014 ***BETALBILD***