Orig. bildtext... FLORIDA PREPARES FOR GREATEST OUTDOOR PAGEANT St. Augustine, Fla. The largest outdoor historical pageant ever held in the United States will be staged in St. Augustine, on April 6,7, and 8th. Two thousand five hundred actors costumes as Indians, Spanish, French and British soldiers will re-enact the discovery and founding of Florida and St. Augustine, before 60,000 or more people. Photo shows: left to right; Wilma Rogero, Mellina Poli and Faustine Rogero Spanish beauties in rehearsel, who will greet Ponce de Leon. March 11, 1926. Anm. Trio Tradtionell klädsel Broderier CD654 persons: MELLINA POLI;FAUSTINE ROGERO;WILMA ROGERO sites: USA