Orig. bildtext... SATIN AND LACE This gown of high-lustre black satin has flounces of burnt cut silver lace which is attached to banding of silver braid through which cerise satin ribbon is run. The cartwheels are of silver point d'espane lace and cerise satin ribbon. Under the skirt there are hundreds of red chiffon ruffles, some of which show when walking. The headdress is a black comb from which a mantilla of silver gossamer lace hangs. Silk and velvet cerise roses are crushed at the ears. Designed by Charles LeMaire and worn by Miss Elsie Peddrick in The Cocoanuts. Anm. Scenklädsel Satin Mantilj Volanger Spets Klänningar Krinoliner CD333 persons: ELSIE PEDDRICK