Orig. bildtext... SONJA HENIE'S FALLSCHIRMERJÄGER-DIVISION NACH DEUTSCHLAND Die amerikanischen (...) nach den in Frank(...) (...) schauspielerin Sonja Henie ist, in das Bundesgebiet zu legen. Unser Bild zeigt den Ehrenobertst der 82. Fallschirmsjäger-Division, Sonja Henie, in einem Transportflugzeug der US-Luftwaffe. Orig. bildtext... WILL SONJA HENIE COME BACK TO GERMANY? Recent press reports indicate that the famed 82nd Airborne Division now stationed in North Carolina may be send to Germany to strengthen Allied troops in the Federal Republic. Wheter Sonja Henie, the Divisions Honorary Colonel will also come to Germany remains to be seen. GI's in Germany, however, would warmly welcome if the Iceskating and popular screen star would also come oberseas with her division. It is the general belive of the occupation soldiers that ivan would immediately surrender at the sight of the lovely colonel Pict. shows: Honorary Colonel of the 82nd Airborne Division, Sonja Henie, in a United States Air Force troop carrier plane. Anm. S Henie, norsk konståkare, dominerade damerna åkning mellan 1927-1936, därefter proffs. Medverkade i filmer mellan 1936-1958 Kängor Jämförelser Blicken Fallskärmsjägare CD357 persons: SONJA HENIE sites: USA;NORGE*