Orig.bildtext...ONE MAN SUBMARINE BUILT IN PREFAB GARDEN Behind a prefab house at Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, Britain's only backyard-built one-man submarine is now nearing completion. The boat has been built by Mr. Frank Russel over the last two years at a cost of ¬£120. It is made of quarter-inch steel plate and will weigh about half a ton when fully loaded. Mr. Russel plans to convey the submarine by lorry to Bedford early next month and take it to a depth of 15ft. in the River Ouse. If this vessel is a success it may become the prototype for a much heavier craft capable of decending 1,000ft. and suitable for an expedition in search of the lost continent of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean which Mr. Russel hopes one day to join. Anm. Bakgårdar Form CD112 persons: Frank Russel sites: STORBRITANNIEN