Orig. bildtext... DEPOSED ASSISTANT AIR CHIEF RENEWS FIGHT FOR AIR SERVICE Colonel William A. Mitchell, former assistant chief of the Air Service photographed in Washington at the office of his successer Brigadier General James E. Fechat, yesterday where he was interviewed by newspapermen and declared that the next Congress will demand cards laid on table in U.S. Defense problem. Colonel Mitchell is on his way from Detroit where he was impressed with Henry Ford's commercial air progress, to San Antonio, Texas, where he to be Air Officer for the 8th Corps Area. Anm. W Mitchell, 1879-1936, amerikansk militär, chef för de amerikanska flygstridskrafterna i Frankrike under första världskriget. Tvingades lämna den militära banan 1926 efter kritik mot försvarsledningen. I centrum Åskådare Åhörare Fluga Skrivbord Journalister CD371 persons: WILLIAM BILLY MITCHELL sites: WASHINGTON D C;USA