1968-11-11 Mrs Doris Negin , the mother who disrupted a controversial play on 8 November 1968 when she told her 32 year old son Louis : " Put your pants on and don't embarrass me any more " sits in today as Louis (centre) in pants and towel round his shoulders discusses the matter with co-producer Larry Parnes and fellow nude actor Al Mancini in a dressing room at the Comedy Theatre in London 's West End . After his mother 's outburst Louis appeared on stage in while underpants while Al and Peter Marinker appeared nude in the controversial homosexual play " Fortune and Men's Eyes " . Declared Louis : " Quite frankly I never liked doing the scene naked but the producers demanded it . " Said Parnes : " He is in breach of contract . But there is not much I can do short of pulling his underpants off myself ." 11 November 1968 . Foto Personalities / Topfoto / TT / kod 20306 ref: *** BETALBILD ***