Germany / Lithuania / Poland

Nov. 22, 1968 - NPD - Huge rally in Munich. Around 800 people took part in a huge rally organized by the National Democratic Party of Germany(NPD) on the evening of Novelber 21; however, it eventually led to rioting. The speaker of the evening was Dr. Pohlmann, parliamentary party leader of the Bavarian NPD - state faction. The rally was organized under the motto: Two Years Work of the NPD in Bavaria. The ushers, denoted by white armbands, quickly worked against the so-called ''disturbers.'' Several people were taken to the hospital. In connection with the rally there was a demonstration in the inner-city of Munich. Pictured: Dr. P?hlmann. Parliamentary party leader of the Bavarian NPD - state faction, speaking. In the foreground you see the ushers for the event. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/