United Kingdom / Ireland

Jun. 06, 1966 - The Mayor as bus inspector; When the last of the non-stop convoy of morning rush hour buses has been inspected, a gleaming Daimler pulls up. Peaked cap is raised to packed cap as the chauffeur greets his passenger, His worship, the Mayor of Camden, otherwise London Transport inspector of buses. Councillor Mike Patrick O'Conner. The scene is Kingsway, London, and Councillor O'Connor. The scene is Kingsway, London and Councillor O'Connor has just clocked off after the morning shift. His mayoral limousine whisks him to his home for a quick brush up before the day of civic duties begins. Councillor O'Connor, who is 50, said last night - after he had worked non-stop for 13 hours; ''I didn't want to take a year's paid leave.'' so I offered to work a permanent early shift instead, starting work at 6 am. The new mayor plans that his limousine will be kept working too. When he is not using the ear it will make trips to the Zoo full of children who are in the Council's care. Photo Shows Councillor Mike Patrick O'Connor the Mayor of Camdon as bus inspector. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/ZUMAPRESS.com)