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Jun. 06, 1966 - Relay Fast By Buddhist Monks In Calcutta Two young South Vietnamese Buddhists monks began a relay fast at the entrance of the American Consulate in Calcutta, to protest against President Johnson's Vietnam policy and demanding the resignation of General Ky. The Buddhist monks, Thach Thay and this The Tinh - are now studying at the Nalanda Pali institute in India's Bihar State. they have said that the relay fast would continue until President Johnson changed his policy, withdrew support for the present Saigon Government and General Ky resigned. After they became exhausted with fasting, two other South Vietnam Buddhist students will take their place and continue the relay fast. Photo Shows:- Thach Thay (left) and Thich The Tinh the two young South Vietnam Buddhist monks seen during their fast outside the main gate of the American Consulate in Calcutta, India. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/