Germany / Lithuania / Poland

Jun. 06, 1966 - the Jail Where Prisoners Don't Even Try To Escape: From the outside, it looks like a new block of flats, or a skycraper hotel, with well-tended gardens and just a hint of luxury. But the front gate gives the ggame away. Twenty-five tons of steel that announce this is Stutttgart's Stanhelm jail. inside, the director says confidently ''Even james Bond could not escape from here''. Certainly Stanhelm makes many british prisons look as out-dated as the stocks, for it was built with all the skill of a nation which has had plenty of experiences in looking people up. television cameras constantly cover the outer walls, and electric buzzers connect the warders with each cell. And no one roof-180-fest up. the 25-feet high concrete walls are surrounded by an electromagnetic field which automatically sets off an alarm bell if anybody gets within a yard. At the same time TV cameras in the prison grounds automatically film the scene over a closed circuit to a sreen in a central control room. The prison holds 650 men and 150 women. more than 50,000 prisoners have passed through Stanhelm since it was completed 1963 at a cost of ~2-million. Photo shows. Stanhelm with the hotel look for an escape-proof prison in Stuttgart-Germany. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/