Germany / Lithuania / Poland

Jun. 06, 1966 - The Annual Congress of the German Nationalist Party (NPD) Opens at Kalsruhe; The German Nationalist Party (N.P.D.) was founded in Hanover in 1964 and is presided over by Fritz Thielen, the man they call the new Fuchrer,. Many of the 16,000 members are former Nazis and their aims involve the rehabilitation of the Third Raish. The activity of the party is causing great concern in Germany. This week-end the party held its second annual in Karlsruhee. As the delegates left they were bet by students chanting ''Nazis Out''. Photo Shows The German Nationalist Party delegates at the conferences in Karlsruhe (L to R) Waldemar Schulz, Adolf Von Thadden, Welhelm Gutmann, Fritz Thielen (Party Chairman) and Heinrich Fassender. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/