Germany / Lithuania / Poland

Jun. 06, 1966 - Nobel-Prize-Winner-Meeting in Lindau/Germany.: From June 27th till July 1st takes place the 16th meeting of Nobel-prize-winners with scientists, students and representatives of the industry in Lindau/Bodensee. More than 18 Nobel-prize winner takes part in the meeting of this year among them are scientists coming from USA and India. This conference is dedicated to the medicine and the lecure on the reason of cancer of Prof. Dr. Warburg(Warburg). Berlin, is on of the most interesting reports. Photo shows Prof. Dr. For~mann, Dusseldorf; headmajor of Lindau; Mrs. Lynen; Prof. Dr. Feodor Lynen, Munich; Prof. Dr. Otto Warburg, Berlin; Prof. Severo Ocheo, New York; Prof, Sir John C. Eccles, Canberra/Australia; f.l.t.r. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/