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Jun. 06, 1966 - R.A.F.'s Improved reconnaissance capability no. 543 squadron re - equipped with Victor aircraft.: The re-equipping of no. 543 squadron at R.A.F. Wyton, Huntingdon, with Victor B/Mark 2 strategic reconnaissance aircraft has given the R.A.F. the nest air reconnaissance capability it has ever had no. 543 squadron of R.A.F. Bomber command forms part of the United Kingdom reconnaissance force. It has operated exclusively in the reconnaissance role since it was formed in 1942. The squadrons new aircraft have performance in terms of range, speed, height and operational effectiveness far is ~~~~~~ of its pred~~ssor, the Vickers Valiant is (PR.) Mark 1, which was withdrawn from , service in 1965. Improved radar equipment enables the S/R Victor to cover an area of 400,000 square miles in 8 hours unaffected by darkness or cloud cover. Four Victors can cover the whole of Atlantic in 6 hours and in a single sorti~ can produce radar photographs for a mosaic of the whole Mediterranean which would enable a count of every ship to be made. Photo shows an air-to-air view of the stream line Victor strategie reconnaissance aircraft. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/