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Jun. 06, 1966 - Mother And Woman Doctor Charged With Killing Thalidomide Roy:' A Mother and a woman doctor were charged in court at Frankfurt on Friday.With killing a three-year-old thalidomide boy who was born without legs or arms, Both women are said to have seated in a state if diminished responsibility, The accused women are Mrs.Helga Sideshow, 35, the mother and 46 year old Dr. Mathilde Petersen. The precaution alleged that the child died from an overdose of a sedative on September 29, 1963. Frau Siderow who is divorced, stated in courtthat she had teken the drug thelidomide as a tranquiliser during her pregnancy. Her son, Alexabderm was born without arms and legs, although she bore amnother tewo normal children. The hearing was adjourned until today (Monday). Photo Shows Mrs.Hreliac Siderow (left), pictured in court at Frankfurt, Germany. (Credit Image: © Keystone Pictures USA/